Fatores que influenciam a Decisão de Contratar Cursos de Pós-graduação Lato Sensu: o Caso de uma Universidade Corporativa.

Código do trabalho: 
This essay investigates the factors that influence the decision of hiring postgraduate programs in a corporate university. This knowledge may influence the decision, supporting managers in decision making. On the basis of different aspects that outsourcing literature poses as important in the decision to hiring in the industrial context, this research took as relevant to the 'knowledge market' the following aspects: 1) search for complementary knowledge, 2) cost, 3) physical proximity, 4) pressure to use internal faculty lectures, 5) search of the best expertises; 6) seeking long-term relationship; 7) courses of the company's business; 8) standard or policy decision in the hiring, and 9 ) loss or impairment of essential competencies by using external lecturers. The results shows that from 1st to 4th aspects are not concerns in hiring postgraduate programs, according to the perception of mentors and coordinators. It also shows that from fifth to seventh aspects are perceived in the hiring of the programs. As regards eighth aspect, the results reveal that the existence of a policy is denied, but it shows the search for a pattern. Considering the 9th aspect, it was not possible to reach a conclusion.