Código do trabalho: 
Simulation-based business game is a type of active learning, a teaching instrument, as well as a learning strategy tool that enables the participating student to experience situations of companies` everyday life. In management roles, the student assumes responsibility for analyzing the consequences of their decision-making and in each round they have the opportunity to solve problems that may have been caused in a previous decision. In this dynamic, students take the active role of decision makers and can identify their own skills as managers. Currently, there are several discussions on this topic and the quality of your application, but it is also important to measure the scientific papers. In this context, the objective of this research was to do a bibliometric analysis on publications regarding simulation-based business games, with focus on management. Using quantitative approach, the research was conducted on the basis of articles found in national and international journals defined as filter Qualis / Capes journals in A1, A2, B1, B2 and B3.The research comprised steps like mapping, characterization and a review of the evolution of these studies. In mapping stage the following keywords were used: game companies, simulation, active learning, business games, simulation and active learning and 37 articles were identified. In the characterization step, the articles were characterized according to the number of publications per year, authorship, research topics and methodology. The main contribution of this research is point out publications on the subject that can support further research. In this sense, the authors consider that it should be important the annually update of this bibliometric analysis. Therefore, suggest that further investigations should be carried out on the topic, in order to preserve the quality of bibliographic databases and registering the scientific papers.